AAT Essentials: short finance training courses

AAT Essentials: short finance training courses

If you’re looking to upskill your staff, or refresh their skills, we have a variety of short finance training courses and events to suit your needs.

Whether you need your team to keep up to date on the latest tax, payroll or budget updates, or you want to upskill staff without a financial background, we’ll help you manage your business finance more effectively.

Short finance training courses

AAT Essentials are short finance training courses. Ideal for managers without a background in finance, as well as other non-finance staff looking for a better understanding of key financial tasks. AAT Essentials deliver practical skills that be applied immediately, to help you manage your business finances more effectively, improving performance and increasing productivity.

CPD events and training

Our events, webinars and mastercourses on key topics affecting the finance industry are a great opportunity for your staff to enhance their skills and knowledge and keep their CPD up to date. Discounts are available for AAT professional members and many events are completely free.

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