Five ways your business will benefit from working with us

Five ways your business will benefit from working with us


Develop expertise where it’s needed most

Our qualifications give your staff the skills to do everything from manage cash flow and chase debtors to creating financial reports and analyse trends within your accounts. This makes a big difference to the core of your business, and your bottom line.


Attract and retain the best talent

We all feel more empowered and motivated when we have the opportunity to develop our skills and move our careers forward. By investing in training, you can increase the value of your workforce and demonstrate your commitment to their career progress.


Students learn practical skills from day one

From their first day of training, AAT students learn techniques and processes they can apply directly at work. With increased focus on communication skills and professional ethics throughout the qualifications, students are better prepared for the challenges they’ll face in the workplace.


Study options to fit around work

Our key focus is on helping your staff to study while contributing effectively to your business. Whether this be classroom study, via day release, part-time, in the evening or through distance learning, there are a variety of options to suit the needs of your business and your employees.


Keep one step ahead

Every AAT professional member commits to ensuring their long-term effectiveness through continuing professional development. So, you can be sure your employees are up to date in terms of knowledge and skills, giving your company a competitive edge that could make all the difference.

“We find that employees who study AAT have more practical skills and are keen to learn, making them more knowledgeable. These skills are invaluable to our business.”

Madhavan Venkatachar,

Partner, Grant Thornton, Botswana

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